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Please bring your positive energy and great vibes! 

  • Deposits are required for appointment confirmation. 

    • You will not receive a confirmation without deposit payment​

    • After booking you have 48 hours to pay the deposit before the appointment is denied

    • No, you can not pay the deposit in cash or the day of service

    • Late fees will occur if you are 15 minutes or more late to your appointment. After 30 minutes the appointment is cancelled.

    • late fee is $15 and will automatically be added on to service after 15 minute grace period ends

  • If the service you are booking has the hair included, please be sure to leave your hair color in the notes or send a follow up email or text regarding your appointment.

  • If you cancel your appointment or miss your appointment your deposit is not refundable. 

    • After 2 consecutive cancellations you will be blocked from booking further appointments​

    • No show appointments are an automatic way to be blocked from further appointments

  • Please come washed and detangled unless a wash is included with style choice. I love your natural hair but if you can manage please comb out your hair

    • Please come with clean hair, please do not try to put water on gelled or edge controlled edges

    • If a wash is required you will be charged $10 for a shampoo. ​

  • When booking for Sew In services:

    Please do not come with cut up bundles (meaning small pieces)

    • If you are bringing PRE used bundles please make sure they are clean and free of pre-sewn threads​

    • Please come with dry bundles​​

  • You are arriving to a clean, quiet, kid free environment​

    • I only service one client at a time so it is very rare that you will have to share your appointment time

    • ​I work in a kid free environment, please refrain from bringing children who are not being serviced to your appointment​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    • I am not a licensed cosmetologist. I've been doing hair for 13+ years learning under professionals. 

    • I am a natural hair stylist who provides protective styling, extensions, braids, crochet, wig services, silk press, and natural styles. Color services are available. 

  • Please arrive to your appointment solo if you're booked for a solo appointment. There is limited seating in my studio.

  • Upon arrival please call if you are unable to follow the directions below: 

    • Please do not come in the service entrance use the entrance on Murpy ave

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